The PLAN Dan Hollings best crypto course

The “PLAN” Crypto Trading Course by Dan Hollings

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The Plan: How Do We Make Money in Crypto

The Plan crypto trading strategy

What is The Plan?

The Plan course was created in the spring of 2021 by Dan Hollings and his team, in the cooperation partnership with guys behind RapidCrush publishing and marketing company, Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos.

The Plan is the super detailed step-by-step video training program teaching everything that one needs to know about crypto bot trading in order to make money, most importantly every day spendable money.

It is very important to understand that Dan’s crypto money-making strategy is not about buying the dip and holding long-term or trying to catch a so called moon-shot. But it’s much more sophisticated strategy plan that once you learn and understand will make absolute sense.

The Plan’s main focus is on eliminating most of the risk while getting decent and stable daily percentage return or your initial deposit, while doing nothing.

How is The Plan Unique and Different from Other Courses?

Very much.

Dan has been really first to put together the strategy that took him 3 years to test and master, experimenting with hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money to find out what works and what does not.

The Plan does not include guessing and good luck, nor months of time and work to implement just to see whether the strategy works or not. If you follow the training and do everything exactly as Dan Hollings says, you will make money.

Everybody does!

How Fast Can I make Money with “The Plan”?

This very common and frequent question has been sort of answered in the previous paragraph, but sometimes needs to be clarified a little bit more.

How quickly you are going to make money with The Plan is totally up to you, in your control. When you sign up for the Plan, it takes about 2 to 5 days before you get access to the training members area. It’s due to NDA (non-disclosure agreement) document that everyone must sign in prior to getting access to the full training and all resources.

Once  you gain the access to the training, you can start watching the videos, get the recommended software,  and start setting up your crypto exchange accounts if you don’t have one already. After you deposit the money to your exchange account and connect the crypto exchange to the crypto trading software, you can start setting up your grid bots and watch the daily profit rolling in.

How Much Do You Need to Invest to Run Crypto Bots?

Dan’s 2 main strategies, depending whether we are in long bull or long bear market, involve the investment of either $1500 or $3000 per trading bot pair, in order to make a good ROI (return on investment).

So it means that if you want to run simultaneously 5 grid bots, you need to have at least $7500 worth of USDT in your exchange account.

How Much Money Can You Make with The Plan Crypto Bots?

Ok, this is also very popular question that vast majority of people who gain a slight interest ask.

And the correct answer is “It Depends”.

Let me explain.

There are various strategies for crypto bot trading, but here is how Dan does his, and he’s got many good reasons for that why he is doing his crypto bots the way he does.

Because of the crypto is highly volatile, we can’t say exact amount that you’ll make, but what we have seen over the past year is that a single bot  can make somewhere from 0.20% to 3% daily profit return, depending on the chosen coin pair, market conditions, and a few other factors.

So from initial investment of $3000, if you earn on average 1% daily, it’s $30 per day or $900 per month profit. And that is not to say that some bots will earn more that that.

When is the Best Time to Start a Crypto Bot?

Easy and short answer is, NOW.

Since we don’t have the crystal ball and don’t know whether the market is going to go up or down, the best time to start running the bot is now. But a general idea of what we would do is to spot the dip and buy the coins to setup the bot.


How Much The Plan by Dan Hollings Costs?

It’s $3497 one time payment or 4 payments of $997 deducted each month.

Some people speculate that the course is too expensive, but if it was cheap there would be too many people enrolling in including the bad actors, time-wasters, and tyre-kickers which with all honesty nobody wants in their community.

So the higher price is actually good for everyone, the entire Plan community.

Also, here is the thing.

If you are the fast action taker, you can make your investment back within 3, 2, or even 1 month depending on how much capital you have to run bots.

I made my money that I invested in the course back  in less than 2 months, and the rest after then just pure profit.

Keen to Find Out More About The PLAN?

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The PLAN Dan Hollings best crypto course


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