Jack Canfield: The Success Principles

The Principle of Success by No.1 Success Coach in the World

“Jack Canfield”

Did you know that there are certain things that one needs to do in order to achieve success? And it’s not just hard work. It’s more like smart-hard work, that’s the best combination to reach the full potential and any goal you want. I am not saying that you become a millionaire overnight, building a business takes some time even if the universe and star constellations are aligned to your benefit and everything seem to work out. But if you invest some time, ideas, and energy combined with focus and determination, sooner or later you will get what you want.

BUT, if you follow the wrong principles, you are also probably following the wrong strategies and nothing seems working out for you. The frustration and fear of failure will overwhelm you, getting caught in the vicious cycle of going down the rabbit hole of bad decision after bad decision.


The Human Heart Is The Key to Success

SUCCESS is not just a “Brain” thing, but also a “Heart”. The brain is good for calculations and strategies, but many times it merely recognizes the bad strategy from the good one because of infinite variables and possible scenarios. That’s why the heart makes always a good decision if you learn to listen to it.

This is not some voodoo hoax. The Heart Research Institute HeartMath found the small number of brain cells inside the physical heart that are more original than those in the brain. They also found out that it’s a primary response center to the environment. Meaning that whatever you encounter, your heart knows before your brain, making the decision and sending the impulse to the brain. What is even freakier, is that when they were testing a bunch of people presenting to them random pictures, sometimes nice and loving and other times distressful and violent. In the test, there was no way that the person could know in advance what picture they will see. The data from measuring the response, the scientists found out that the Human Heart knows slightly before the image actually shows to the person.

Basically, their heart reacted with nearly 100% accuracy. When the stressful image showed up the heart reacted stressfully before the person could even see the image. And when the image was nice like puppies and kitties, the heart reacted with a warm-loving feeling.

There is probably a no better person to learn from on the subject of achieving success than Jack Canfield.


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