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The Ultimate “Copywriting Automation” Technology and #1 Reason Why Most Businesses Fail

“Learn one weird trick that makes you skip 10+ years of business struggle”

If you are a beginning entrepreneur just starting out, I am going to reveal one thing that can save you years of struggle and tens of thousands of dollars.

But first let’s uncover a few things here.

Did you know that the number one problem in business is not the amount of traffic/customers/leads, which most of the people would think…

But in fact it’s a CONVERSION!

Most of the businesses whether online or offline ignore the conversions, and that’s why most of the businesses struggle.

Let me tel you this.

You don’t need that much of traffic/customers if you have super high conversions.

I hope it’s very obvious.

Imagine converting your offer at 2% instead of just 1% or less.

Wouldn’t that be a significant improvement for every business?

The thing that must be improved is the Copy.

The Sales Copy

The Ad Copy

The Promo Copy

Basically words talking about your business.

GrooveCopyPro is a new software that can literally replace full room of copywriters with just a few clicks.

Well, it’s been created by one of the best copywriter on the planet Jon Benson, so it’s assured to be of a high value and quality.

In fact, instead of telling you how great GrooveCopyPro is, you can see it in action yourself by watching Jon Benson’s full presentation webinar available via link below.

jon benson


Sign Up for Webinar to See GrooveCopyPro “Army of Copywriters” in Actionor

Groove CopyPro


How Copywriting Skills Can Turn Your Business Around


Copywriting is the creative act or profession of writing text for the sole purpose of promotion or other sorts of marketing. The object, called copy or promotional copy, is written material that aims to promote or otherwise influence an individual or collection of people to take some particular action. In today’s competitive marketplace, copywriting has to be an integral part of most marketing campaigns. There are countless copywriting jobs available in the market.

Most copywriting is geared at creating an appeal to the target audience. For instance, the print and broadcast media are highly competitive sectors of the market due to their mass audience. A television commercial can only attract a small audience as opposed to a radio ad or PPC ad on the web. Thus, in order for a copywriter to be effective in his or her job, they have to consider the target audience and write copy that will specifically appeal to the audience. The copywriter needs to have a sound knowledge of how to reach out to the audience and create an impact. If not done right, the audience may be turned off and the marketing campaign will go nowhere.

When beginning a new marketing campaign, it is important to know the target audience and what motivates them. This will allow the copywriter to build a campaign that targets individuals in the market place who have similar purchasing tendencies. After determining these motivators, copywriters should begin to build a questionnaire that will collect this data. The questionnaire will help determine the best copywriting approaches. It will also determine if the copywriting campaign needs to include graphics or text. Once the copywriter knows what type of content to produce, he or she should research the market and find the best sources for this content.

Most websites or internet copywriting services offer articles that are hyperlinked and searchable. The majority of copywriting services however, do not utilize words such as hyperlink and search in their copywriting. Some copywriters believe that people prefer to read text rather than graphics and images. In most instances however, text works better than images in online copywriting. It can also be easier for readers to navigate text than images.

If the online copywriting services offer articles that are written as part of a package deal, the copywriter should provide a copywriting services package that includes the writing itself, editing services, and distribution services. The package should include everything the client needs to create quality copywriting services content. Some clients want all three services, while others opt to purchase only the writing. The more services the copywriter provides, the more likely his or her client is to find success in internet marketing endeavors.

A successful online marketing campaign starts with the copywriter’s website. If the copywriter does not have a website, he or she should strongly consider developing one for their clients. By having a presence on the internet, a client’s audience will be able to locate them. Most people do not spend much time searching for businesses online, so it is important for the copywriter’s website to be search engine optimized (SEO). Many copywriters focus only on SEO, but many do not provide additional marketing services. A good SEO company will help the copywriter market the business online, and provide copywriting services for the website as well.

Social media is another aspect of marketing that is crucial to the success of any online business. In order to tap into the massive audience on social media, copywriting professionals must have knowledge of social media and how to leverage it. A social media marketing company will help the copywriter market the website on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and provide copywriting services in optimizing content marketing on these sites. Content marketing is an important tool for Internet marketers, and if the copywriter does not provide effective content marketing in his or her portfolio, then he or she will not be successful.

Many professionals, including copywriters, fail to realize that social media is just a part of marketing, and does not in and of itself make a business successful. Good copywriters must realize that they must work with and create inbound links from other websites and articles, as well as optimize the copywriting content for search engines and optimizing landing pages. These strategies are crucial to the success of any Internet marketing campaign and can help to ensure that the copywriters have a successful career.


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