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Crisis Investing 2020 (Episodes 4 – 6): What to Do with Your Business and Investments

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These are episodes 4, 5, and 6 of Crisis Investing 2020 docu-cast series, with more valuable information and insights on the current economic downfall of 2020 shared by some of the best professionals in the field.



Episode #4 – Garrett Gunderson and Adam Barratta on How to Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset and Tangible Gold Investments

Garrett Gunderson:

Garrett is the go-to guy when you need to understand what is happening in the world of economy, finance, and investing from a very different angle of view than most of the guys involved with entrepreneurship and investing. One of the predictions that he been talking about for a couple of years now is the current 2020 crisis, and to just give an idea about how sure he was about the coming of the current economic crisis, he said that if the crisis will not happen in 2020 as he predicted, he will retire from the financial industry. Garrett also emphasizes how the crisis occur regularly many times per century, and how is it a normal part of the economy and nothing to be depressed about.

Adam Barratta:

Adam Barratta is one of the best investors when talking about investing in Gold. He explains why investing in “Real” tangible gold is and always was one of the best things to do if you have the cash sitting in your bank account to spare. He also talks about the ways how to invest in tangible gold and how it’s the only way to protect your finances from the currency devaluation that is just about to come. He actually built the company that deals with Gold investments, even delivering real gold into your house if you want.


Episode #5 – Carl Allen and John Briggs on Different Strategies to Acquire Business and Advice on Taxes and Loans

Carl Allen:

Carl Allen is the best guy to take advice from when you are thinking about acquiring business. His investment and business strategy is kind of unique. Instead of building the business from scratch and figuring everything out such as the product to sell, customer acquisition, distribution, etc., his strategy involves acquiring already established business that fits under the certain criteria that must be met in order to really capitalize on it. Also, what’s even better is that he shows you how to buy and finance the newly acquired business without you spending a dime from your own pocket!

John Briggs:

John Briggs and has a moto “IRS Sucks”, and he is the person who knows more about managing taxes than 99.9% of all people. He perfectly explains many ways how to manage taxes, especially in the economic and investment crisis, what exactly to do in certain situations, and how you can even arrange the deal with IRS when you run into financial trouble. He talks about the different ways to deduct your taxes, file for tax returns the right way, and even how and where to apply for the loan with almost no interest. Even though he owns the tax management firm and understands the taxes from inside out, he also says that he will always choose to put the food on the table before paying the government.


Episode #6: Kyle Dennis and Ron Phillips on Trading in Stock Market and Investing in Real Estate

Kyle Dennis:

Kyle is a practically young entrepreneur and stock trader who after college been able to go from nearly 100,000 in college debt to almost 2 million dollars in just a few years. What is really inspiring about Kyle is that even at a very young age as a freshly graduate student, he didn’t let anything by a chance or get the average job and half of his life repaying the college debt while still having nothing more than a job. He took a risk and dove in the deep waters of the stock market and investing, learned the principles and fundamentals to become financially independent with personal freedom in life. And here is the thing, If Kyle could do it at the very young student age, so can you!

Ron Phillips:

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