Global Economy and investing crisis 2020

Crisis Investing 2020 (Episodes 1 – 3): Understanding the Crisis and How to Win

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Crisis investing 2020 has launched 3 episodes, and already we can see a huge buzz and AHA moments from many people all over the social media. Perhaps one of the most important intakes from all three episodes is that no matter what you can still do well in the economic crisis, even better. In fact, it may sound greedy or immoral, but some clever investors and businessmen make the biggest profits and get the best deals.



Episode #1 – Paul Zane Pilzer and Jeff Bishop

Paul Zane Pilzer:

In the first episode, we listen to Paul Zane Pilzer, who is a successful bestselling author of many books about economy and finance, been in front-page headlines of many economic, investing, and business magazines, and what really made Paul famous is that he’s been a personal economic advisor to 2 American presidents. Paul has a unique view on the global macroeconomy and how it all fits together and works. You perfectly get the Big Picture of the current economic situation.

Jeff Bishop:

The second guest is Jeff Bishop, the highly successful options and stock trader and founder of platform and community.


Episode #2 – Andy Tanner and Mike Dillard

Andy Tanner:

Andy is the highly successful stock trader, options trader, and investor, following the advice from Rich Dad Poor Dad author and one of the best investors and business strategists on the planet, Robert Kiyosaki, and also the top investor of all time, Warren Buffet.  Andy is showing live how and what stocks and options trades to look at, potential dangers and profits.

Mike Dillard:

Here is Mike Dillard, who has very unique views on business, entrepreneurship, and investing. He mostly talks about the psychology and mindset behind the success in business and investing, and why the right mindset is the very necessary component to develop or adopt, and do the right decisions at the right time in order to achieve success.


Episode #3 – Rick Sapio and Alan Akina

Rick Sapio:

Rick is the 100% self-made entrepreneur coming from the poor family of 9 kids living in the outskirt of New York. In the very early stage of his life, he built in the strong character of never giving up and always face the problems and situations with the mindset of a leader. At the beginning of his career, he started working on Wall Street, learning all the important aspects and strategies of investing in the stock market. Rick’s positivity and drive prove that he’s been literally born for the crisis, and there is no crisis that he wouldn’t overcome with the straight head up and smile on the face.

Alan Akina:

Alan Akina is the founder and CEO of 101 Financial, the investment and financial advisory firm helping hundreds of people to invest their finances the right way and minimizing the loss.

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    • Sabrina
    • April 10, 2020

    I got a text about the first episode day before yesterday. I signed up and watched it but then the next day(yesterday) I received episode 3. What happened to episode 2?

      • Student Reporter
      • April 13, 2020

      Sorry about that, I have no control over this. Each new episode of Crisis Investing 2020 is launched every day and left for 24 hours only to watch and then it expires ;-/ But If I remember well, you get the chance to watch them all on the following weekend.

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