Coaching: Earn Life Coach Salary with Life Coach Certification

Research shows that in the last several years there’s been a huge demand and growth in the life coaching industry and it’s expected to continue to grow. So what is “Life Coaching”, who’s is the “Life Coach”, and who needs to be coached in life anyway?

Let’s answer a couple of these questions because for some of you this might be a very interesting and lucrative career choice of how to start your own business by becoming a life coach, health coach, or respectively any other industry niche that requires or needs coaching.


What is Life Coaching?


Life coaching, or any kind or way of coaching, is a practice where the individual certified and called as the Life Coach improves the life and delivers the value to other people who feel stuck in life and don’t know what to do, how to break through and get out of it on their own.  Life coaching is showing the way, be there for the person emotionally and build an understanding of their problems and frustrations, like the best friend.

Why Would Someone Need Life Coaching?

There is a number of possible answers, but fundamentally, in general, the reason is that the person who needs life coaching doesn’t have anyone to talk to on this level.  In this busy world, very few people actually stop doing, get out of the busy schedule to help someone close in need, especially between the middle-class citizens who are mostly chasing the career and wealth 24/7.

These people need someone who will truly listen and be willing to help, and they are willing to pay a lot of money for that.


Who is a Life Coach and What Life Coach Does?

We could simply describe the life coach as a person who is skilled and experienced in personal development and creating a happy and fulfilled life and carefully studies every step, cause-effect of action and reaction during the process we call life, in order to help others find the ways.

A life coach is an individual who doesn’t believe that things just happen through life by chances and accidents but rather by own creation and doing influenced by the environment. Therefore, a life coach can see and point out where can be a problem and what to do about it.

We all feel stuck and frustrated sometimes in life where money doesn’t always have to be a problem.


Life Coach Career and Salary

Life coaching is a very lucrative business career since there are roughly about 100,000 Coaches on the planet and on an average coach earns about $200 per hour when working with a client, most of them working part-time and enjoying life. Some coaches even charge for personal coaching over $1000 per hour and more so they must be doing something right that is actually helping people.

Another positive aspect of being a personal Coach is that you are earning a lot of money for actually helping people who are happy to pay you.

If Coaching is not a dream job, that I really don’t know what it is.


Virtual Coaching

This whole coaching thing gets even better. You already Imagined having a career as a personal Coach earning hundreds of dollars per hour. Well, that’s nice, but now imagine being a “Virtual Coach”, coaching people all around the world from anywhere in the world, giving an extra layer of personal freedom. When you are a virtual coach you can literally travel the world while helping people and making a lot of money while doing it. It cannot get any better than that, right?

Well, it does not, but there is a small catch.

In order to become a virtual coach, there are certain steps and things to do right, otherwise, things could go very wrong, not as we want. So, how to know if you are doing things right?

The easiest way is to learn from others, let yourself to be coached by a person who did that and knows what to do and what to not.

And that person is Eben Pagan and his Virtual Coach course teaching all one needs to know how to become a virtual coach.

Read this Virtual Coach Review to learn more about the course.

how to become a virtual coach workshop

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