10 Useful Plugins for WordPress Websites

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blogHere below are the old useful WordPress plugins that will still deliver value to the webmaster or blogger.

Similar Posts
The Similar Posts plug-in is based on the Related Posts plug-in, but with extra functionality. This plug-in displays a list of posts which are related or similar to the current post. Great for deep links into your site and improved stickiness.

Similar Posts


Social bookmarking sites allow web-surfers to save, catalog, and share interesting pages they find online. The Sociable plug-in appends links for your readers to use those sites to the end of each of your blog’s posts, increasing your potential audience. Creates a nice display of site Icons and will contribute significantly to your sites overall traffic over time.

Link: Sociable

WP Super Cache

This plug-in generates static HTML files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After ana HTML file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts. If you have concerns about your site withstanding being Dugg or Stumbled, worry no more. With Super Cache, your site should be able to withstand most spikes. I’ve tried a number of other caching plug-ins and Super Cache surpasses them all. If you’re looking for a caching plug-in, don’t waste your time with any others.

WP Super Cache

Paged Comments
Breaks down comments into a number of pages. A few months ago I posted on a fairly hot topic on one of my sites. The comments quickly grew, numbering in the 100′s. Up until that point, when comments were fairly manageable. Fortunately, I was able to find the Paged Comments plugin. It installed quickly and my problem was solved immediately.

Link: Paged Comments

This plug-in allows you to pre-format each post with whatever Adsense ads you want before, in the middle of, or at the end of each post. Simply enter the code into the AdMan dashboard and you’re set!. It’s that easy. If you plan on running Adsense, save yourself some hassle and get Adman.


Easy affiliate link masking and cloaking. If you have to ask, you wouldn’t understand so get this one later… When you need it.

WP Affiliate

A- Links
What is aLinks?

aLinks is a free WordPress plug-in that allows you to setup and manages keyword and key phrase hot links in your blog posts. Once activated it’s fairly simple to set up.


Key phrase: business tips
Description: Business tips and tactics.
URL: http://www.studentreporter.org/blog

aLinks will now scan all of my blog posts looking for the key phrase “niche blogging tips” and create a link pointing to my blog.

You can also expand aLinks with modules.

aLinks users have created some modules for specific functions like turning your links into Clickbank Products using the Clickbank module. Some other modules that have been created are eBay, Google News, iTunes, and Commission Junction.


Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form

Your niche site needs a contact form, so why not use the best one available. The ‘Secure and accessible contact form for WordPress’ has been a huge success (over 10,000 downloads!)

It’s designed to make contacting you from your website easy, accessible, and secure and it will definitely deter spam emails from arriving in your mailbox!

Link: Secure and Accessible PHP Contact Form

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