Women at War #2

The Local Women Who Hold Up the Sky in Syria

Rula Asad at her desk.

In between the headlines on deaths and the fighting between Assad and the rebels, readers forget about the lives of those caught in the Syrian conflict, women’s lives in particular. The Syrian Female Journalist Network aims to bring stories to media attention by training male and female journalists in the region.

AXA wirbt um Digital Natives zum Scouting zukünftiger Mobilitätsrisiken [Partner Feature]


Student Reporter nahm die Lancierung des Drive Recorders der AXA Winterthur (AXA) als Anlass für ein Gespräch mit Dieter Gosteli, Leiter Privatkunden bei der AXA. Entwickelt hat sich ein Gespräch über den schrittweisen Umgang von Innovationen in einem Grossunternehmen, die Herausforderung als Arbeitgeber Digital Natives zu integrieren und ein Versicherer, der sich als Technologieunternehmen versteht.

Why Buying Local and Organic Won’t Always Affect Our Environmental Footprint – On Triple Pundit


Whether we like it or not, most of us are strongly bound to the agricultural sector, and we feel the responsibility to make the right choice from an environmental perspective. Nevertheless, it can be confusing standing in the supermarket in front of a sea of products, and consumers immediately go for the “greener choice,” that being local or organic. We’ve gotten better at knowing where our food comes from – but can we claim the same for the environmental impact of our food choices? Read the full article on Triple Pundit.