We are a journalism incubator for students to report on global business and economics stories, trends and phenomena shaping our society today.

From Classroom to Newsroom: The Student Reporter Conference Coverage

Journalism is a tool to build context and community around complex, politically charged subjects through meaningful stories.

By immersing in the practice and ethics of journalism, our students push beyond the walls of the classroom. We enable these future leaders to critically shape their desire to influence global debates.

Our online media outlet is an experimental newsroom.

We work with conference bodies and mission-driven organizations for investigative topic and event projects all around the world, covering global meetings and niche, in-depth workshops.

Our management and editorial team works to develop students who come from various backgrounds and disciplines – humanities, economics, or engineering, to name a few – but have in common a passion for using journalism to delve into issues and topics that they are passionate about.

At a glance
  • We draw students from top universities and Millennial communities around the world, with an admission rate as selective as 6% for some of our projects.
  • During peak times, our site alone gets over 1k unique visitors per day (not counting syndicated articles).
  • We regularly syndicate our articles. Past and current partners include: The Huffington Post, The Guardian, NextBillion.net, GreenBiz.com, Fair Observer, PolicyMic, as well as student papers and University blogs.
  • To see what we accomplished in the last two years, read our 2013 review and 2012 review.

Our mission

Our mission is to push students beyond the walls of the classroom by immersing in practices and ethics of journalism. We enable future leaders to critically shape their desire to influence global debates by searching for opinions and facts that tell impactful stories.


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