About Us

We are a journalism incubator for students to report on global business and economics stories, trends and phenomena shaping our society today.

From Classroom to Newsroom: The Student Reporter Conference Coverage

Student Reporter is a business journalism education social enterprise. Our mission is to attract and incubate the next generation of global journalists by providing hands-on reporting opportunities and a mobile training community for young people around the world.

What We Do

We mobilize young people (current university students and young professionals) to form newsroom teams around key business and policy meetings and emerging topics in the global economy, political thinking, and science. These newsrooms produce texts, multimedia products and events that are published on our outlet and/or partnering media companies. Through original reporting and early access to the news and publishing industry, we help young people impact the media landscape, even with little or no prior experience in journalism.

To support these newsroom programs, we maintain a high-quality training and innovation eco-system for a global community of young writers and editors connected through an online platform and series of regular activities with educators and industry leaders, such as expert Q&A/presentations and pitch sessions with publications.

At a glance

  • We draw young people from millennial communities around the world as well as students from universities both large and well-known and radical and niche.  With over 140 reporters to dates, they come from 17 countries and represent 30 universities. Read more about them here.
  • We’ve done 28 newsroom projects and reported from 16 countries (United States, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Lithuania, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, China, India, Thailand, Kenya, and South Africa).
  • We publish on average 200 articles a year, with 10k unique visitors monthly.
  • We regularly syndicate our articles. Past and current partners include: The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Moscow Times, NextBillion.net, GreenBiz.com, Fair Observer, PolicyMic, as well as student papers and University blogs.
  • To see what we accomplished in the last two years, read our 2013 review and 2012 review.


Student Reporter was incubated by oikos, an international organization for sustainable economics and management education, and seed funded by Mercator Foundation Switzerland to incorporate in 2014 as an independent media organization. We are headquartered in St. Gallen, Switzerland and New York City.

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This page was last updated 10 July, 2014.