6 SEO Strategies to Get a Lot of Organic Traffic

seo strategies for organic traffic

Every blogger dreams of to see his creation and thoughts on the top of search engine pages and also look for the high traffic hitting the blog which in-turn brings you profitable outcome from Ad programs. Let me tell you one thing that bringing recognition to blog is not so easy but with constant efforts, one can achieve high popularity and traffic using proper SEO techniques. I will like to share few of the tips which even I have used to bring my Blog up to this level. I would suggest using these SEO Strategies to bring huge organic traffic on your blog.

1. Proper Keyword Research

Being a blogger, you surely might be aware of the significance of proper and enriched keywords and also might also know how much effort you need to find the appropriate and selling keywords. I would suggest using Google Adwords keyword planner for Keyword research.

This tool is quite competent and would help you by suggesting significant keywords for your blog. The tool asks you to input the related keyword to your website and it then delivers the laundry list full of recommended keywords having the status of competition, estimate search engine hits and local monthly search. Blog owner can save the relevant keywords in the excel for further use.

2. Keyword Distribution

Now as you have got the list of keyword, the important task is to distribute them wisely to get maximum benefit out of using them in your website or blog. There are mainly three places where you need to put these keywords, Title, Description of your blog or website and in the Meta Tag section.

<title></title> tags.

<meta name=”description” content=”your description here”/>

<meta name=”keyword” content=”your keyword here”/>

NO, NO, your task is not finished yet; you have to do the optimization of each and every page on your blog or website. For each page, you need to select the relevant keyword and then have to optimize that page with the selected keyword.

3. Tags for Crawlers

In SEO strategies, there are many Meta tags which you can use to instruct the search engine crawlers. You can make use of these Meta Tags in the following manner:

<meta name=”Robots” Content=”Index, follow”/>
<meta name=”Googlebot” Content=”Index, follow”/>

4. XML Sitemap

Creating XML Sitemap is quite crucial and you can find lots many tools to create XML sitemap, after creating it you need to place it on your site directory as: websitename.com/sitemap.xml. Then you also have to submit the sitemap to the Google webmaster tools.

5. Alt tags

You might have seen that many times due to slow connection, images loading get fails and instead of that, you see a text coming in place of it. This text is nothing but the Alt Tags which are also being crawled and indexed by the search engine and hence it is important to tag all the images placed on your blog and website in order to ensure better page rank and traffic through on page optimization.

6. Permalink Structure




You, yourself decide which one is easy to remember and convenient to use and moreover looks meaningful & relevant. There is no doubt that you will go with the second one, so make sure to make the permanent links meaningful and relevant to the readers. Off-page optimization is as important as the on-page optimization and hence it should be done wisely to achieve better traffic.

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