Student Loan Forgiveness: What You Need to Know

On average, a college student graduated with about $33,000 in loans in 2014. These have actually surpassed the level of credit card debt in the U.S. and are second to only home mortgages as a source of consumer debt. You can therefore see how student loan forgiveness has become a hot topic. A loan is a burden many people don’t realize the consequences of. Some students are simply young and inexperienced, and do not understand the technicalities. Continue Reading

5 Common Anti-Aging Myths, Busted

The anti-aging advice that you have heard before no longer applies.  Here are 5 common myths we were shocked to find still in circulation.  Read them all, and then stop believing them! Anti-Aging Myth #1.  How your skin ages is determined by your family history. Continue Reading

An Easy Guide to Student Loan Forgiveness

An Easy Guide to Student Loan Forgiveness
Find out whether you qualify to have your federal student loan
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You may have heard about the Obama Student Loan Forgiveness program
announced in 2010.  It is part of President Obama’s overall push to
et the nation out of debt and was actually part of the Heath Care an
Education Reconciliation Act of 2010. This Act changed the way students pay for higher education, and many of
those changes are just now taking effect.  There are several types of loan
covered under the provisions of the Act, so it’s important to understand
the details of the program and how your loan fits into the picture. Continue Reading

Embodying a New Era: Models for NGOs in the 21st Century

The World Economic Forum recently published a report that lists numerous emerging roles among organizations in civil society. This included watchdogs, advocates, service providers, experts, capacity builders, incubators, representatives, citizenship champions, solidarity supporters, and definers of standards. But ultimately, who actually reads these 60 page reports? Certainly, the moderator, panelists, and the audience of the Open Forum session on New Models for NGOs in the 21st Century were not among the readers. The result thus was a failure to provide an appropriate context for the discussion. Throughout the session, it became apparent that both the moderator and the audience had a hard time reaching any conclusions based on the discussion. Continue Reading